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Artistic Director

Stray Cats Theatre Company is the accumulation of years of work in theatre for Artistic Director and Company Owner Karen Francis.

At 21 yrs of age theatre was a hobby that grew in to an never ending obsession for the truth behind what makes a great actor.

Starting on the stage with various and numerous acting parts, Karen moved on to teaching youth about the stage, and continued with this until she had her daughter. After taking a short break, it was directing that took her interest next and continued to be the area that Karen moved in to.

Karen has completed studies in Creative Arts, Drama, Acting, Directing and Production, she is also a qualified Trainer, which is put to good use with Stray Cats new training programme ADAPT Performance Training.

Getting a production on to the stage with the audience transfixed with what is about to be performed in front of them, has been all the accolades that Karen has ever wanted.

Theatre for her is a lifestyle, and in her words "the people, the excitement, the work and the challenges along the way, are all part of what makes this life spontaneous and worth getting up for, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else".

Stray Cats Theatre Company has a huge future and strong potential for growth within the Performing Arts.


State Festival: Best Director for Letter Opener and Sanctuary

State Festival: Most innovative Production for Letter Opener

Some Past Work

Below is just a sample of the work that Karen has completed, if you wish to discuss further her areas of expertise then please feel free to make an appointment.

Indigo Blue (Theatre and Art)

Cinderella (Director, Lakelands, Peet and Co)

Frog Prince (Director, Lakelands, Peet and Co)

Morning Melodies (Director, Koorliny Arts Centre)

MPAC Youth Theatre (Workshops, Theatre Arts Training)

Koorliny Theatre Theatre (Workshops, Theatre Arts Training)

The Bridge (Director, Dramaturg)

Estuary Dream (Workshop, Theatre Arts Training)

Closer Sky (Director)

After School Theatre (MHS)

Communication and Team Skills (Employment Agencies, Tafe Trainer)

Role Play (Mission Australia, Acting)

Footloose (Director)

Grease (Director)

Last Train to Freo (Director, Producer)

Dusty the Original Pop Diva (Director, Producer)

High School Musical (Director, producer)

Presentation Techniques (Tafe Trainer)

Three Bullets (Festival, Director)

Hairspray (Director, Producer)

Starting Stalls (Director, Producer, Set & Lighting Design)


The Phantom of the Opera (Director, Producer)

The Vagina Monlogues (Director, Producer, Set & Lighting Design)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Director, Producer, Set & Lighting Design)

Mary Poppins (Director, Producer, Set & Lighting Design)

Wicked (Director, Producer, Set & Lighting Design)

ADAPT Performance Training (Director, Trainer)

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